Sick Kids Foundation Annual Report 2015/2016

Two Presidents, One Future

“We’re on the cusp of taking on, and winning against, the greatest remaining challenges in child health. Momentum is building.”

In this Message from our Leaders, our Presidents and Board Chairs look back at where we’ve been and look ahead at where we’re going.

Twin Transplants

Phuoc and Binh Wagner are alive and thriving today thanks to life-saving gifts and collaboration between SickKids and UHN.

Learn more about the twins’ journey to transplant.

Changing the Game

International support helps propel Dr. Ronald Cohn’s breakthrough research using CRISPR gene-editing tool.

Learn more about how this technology could revolutionize care for patients with currently untreatable genetic conditions.

Beyond the Walls

Telemedicine is transformative, sharing SickKids’ expertise beyond our walls by bringing patients and practitioners together, virtually.

Learn more about 20 years of Telemedicine at SickKids.

Saving Augusta

A collaborative effort saved Augusta Toews; a world first from SickKids brought her leg back to life.

Learn more about how Augusta bounced back from a boating accident that left her leg 95% severed.


This year’s progress and where it’s taking us



For all patients to receive the best care, patient safety is integral. As part of our 2015-20 strategic plan, Building Connections, Accelerating Impact, SickKids recommitted to reducing preventable harm through the Caring Safely campaign.



Reduced preventable harm for all SickKids patients and staff.

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Research teams at SickKids are constantly investigating issues that shape the health of children and families around the world. The largest-ever suicide-risk study, co-led by SickKids, found most deaths occur well after the first suicide attempt.



Suicide prevention through ongoing, sustained initiatives to monitor and support high-risk patients in the long term.

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Recently, SickKids welcomed an international group of cardiac surgeons from around the globe for an innovative, first-of-its kind educational program. HOST: Hands-On Surgical Training, allows surgeons to use 3D-printed heart models to refine their skills in complex paediatric heart surgery, before they go into the operating suite.



The HOST team hopes to make this type of training a standard practice for SickKids fellows and for SickKids to be seen – worldwide – as the place to train in paediatric cardiac surgery.

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SickKids Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Canada have partnered to create the Program for Individualized Cystic Fibrosis Therapy.



This partnership will create a national resource that will accelerate the discovery of new treatments, and determine the most effective, personalized cystic fibrosis (CF) therapies – so patients with CF can live like they don’t have CF.

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Innovation in Fundraising


A new SickKids Foundation fundraising event debuted in 2016. Bubble Hockey for SickKids is a March Madness-style bubble hockey tournament.



The more than $170,000 raised in the first year represents unrestricted giving to support SickKids’ highest-priority needs.

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Unrestricted Giving

Unrestricted giving means unrestricted impact

Unrestricted giving creates impact where it’s needed most now, and where it’s needed next.

Unrestricted giving means the donor places no restriction on how SickKids Foundation allocates funds. With your unrestricted donation, you’re giving SickKids flexibility – because unrestricted gifts can be deployed in the areas of most promise, or most need, at speed. Whether it’s funding research, clinical advances, or compassionate care, this is the best way for donors to assure the best possible outcomes for kids, now and in the future.

Unrestricted giving means a child can go home hours after a major procedure – with less risk of infection and post-operative complications – thanks to minimally invasive surgeries performed using image-guided therapy (IGT). That’s because unrestricted giving helped fund the renovation of our IGT suites into state-of-the-art hybrid intervention/imaging facilities. It also gave SickKids the flexibility to replace the over-10-year-old MRI machine in the Cardiac Diagnostic and Interventional Unit, making diagnoses more precise, which leads to more effective treatments.

Unrestricted giving enables us to find and fund the next research star. Someone primed to make as significant an impact as SickKids’ Dr. Stephen Scherer, whose work in the genetics of autism has had worldwide impact. Unrestricted giving helps fund SickKids Catalyst Scholars – promising researchers in the early stages of their careers. Currently, the Catalyst Scholars program is supporting the development of four exceptional researchers: two Catalyst Scholars in stem cell research, one in traumatic brain injury research, and one in the Centre for Healthy Active Kids.

Unrestricted giving gives families a sense of normalcy in hospital, by funding special places and experiences that let them spend time together, and let kids be kids. Outdoor play, crafts led by our Child Life Specialists, or playing video games in Starlight help provide distraction and fun; our therapeutic clowns help reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety through play, friendship, and giggles; the Paediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT) helps families face potentially life-limiting disease together, and in the right setting. This is the impact of unrestricted giving.

By the Numbers

Total Staff and Volunteers: 10,456

3,874 Health-care professionals

2,601 Management and support

717 Physicians

248* Scientists

363** Project Investigators and Team Investigators

754 Research staff (primarily grant funded)

203 Research Operations staff

162 Core Facilities research staff

* Of these, 150 are both researchers and clinicians, reflected in the clinical staff numbers above.

** <50% of time committed to research activities, all of whom are also reflected in the clinical staff numbers above.

259 Research fellows

435 Research graduate students

348 Research summer students

836 Medical Affairs residents and fellows

624 All other clinical and corporate trainees

1,450 Registered volunteers

240 Women's Auxiliary Volunteers (WAV)

Clinical Care

283.9 Average number of beds occupied daily

6.5 Average length of stay (in days)

15,988 Admissions

15,984 Discharges

103,925 Patient Days

74,346 Emergency visits

227,651 Total clinic visits

301,997 Total ambulatory visits

6,834 Inpatient and same-day admit cases

5,581 Outpatient cases

12,415 Total OR cases

Foundation Financials

Financial highlights for the year ended March 31, 2016

SickKids Foundation is committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. We were among the first nationally accredited charities under Imagine Canada's Standards Program and have been recognized by the Canadian Professional Accountants for the quality of our financial reporting.

Gross fundraising program revenue & net lottery revenue $137.3 million
Total grants & charitable activity $86.5 million
Fundraising & administrative expenses $39.4 million
Gross fundraising program revenue & net lottery revenue $137.3 million
Total grants & charitable activity $86.5 million
Fundraising & administrative expenses $39.4 million

Investment Asset Growth Summary Since 1995 (in millions)

Opening Market Value, March 31,1995 148
Contributions 1,187
Grants/Withdrawals (1,247)
Net Contribution (Withdrawl) (60)
Investment returns, Realized gains and Unrealized appreciation 963
Cumulative Return from Investements 963
Ending Market Value, March 31,2016 1,051
Opening Market Value, Mar 31/1995 148
Contributions 1,187
Grants/Withdrawals (1,247)
Net Contribution (Withdrawl) (60)
Investment returns, Realized gains and Unrealized appreciation 963
Cumulative Return from Investements 963
Ending Market Value, Mar 31/2016 1,051

Our Donors

We would like to recognize the following individuals whose cumulative contributions have reached or exceeded $25,000, and those corporations, foundations, associations and community events that have generously contributed $50,000 or more, between April 1, 1993 and March 31, 2016. We are profoundly grateful for your support. We also wish to thank those donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.

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